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not bad for models

and the moral of the story is do not where yellow sunblock to the beach lols

the drink can stove

yep never give up never say die lols

thanks for liking it irene

me to i was bout 17 when it came out

i remember watching him as a kid

yeah have a lazy roomba dog to clear the other dogs away lols

yeah he is still holding on to the evidence

i totally agree

yep that is our getaway driver

he was auditioning for alice in wonderland lols

yeah the shot we need

espresso for two

this one is perfect for when you have large family gatherings

i was going to send her to your profile shazza but so far i only know how to send youtube clips

only in australia you would see something like this lols

thats what you call good parking and police evation

a new meaning to fast food lols

that woud be a good enoying gif to send to someones phone lols