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Hi and thanks! In this case, I'm not the author of the Gif, I usually put the author whenever I find it, or if I have created it it appears that I'm the artist, in this case it only appears that I discovered it, but I'm not the creator and I couldn't locate who created this piece, so I can't help you much, sorry!

I am new to this site. If I wanted to use this as a Twitch Scene for streaming, may I? I don't know how to do that, but I figured I'd ask if I figured it out. 

Thank you for your art! I've seen some of your wallpapers that I like as well.


Wow I haven't heard the artist Akon in quite a while.  I loved his music.  Good song too🙂





Dance party!!!!



Howdy 🤠

I feed these little guys everyday, Cute Gif

Super Cooool!


Lovely colors

Wow! This is Awesome!!!

Like this!


ty for these mnemosyne gifs, this anime is an underground fav of mine