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Wow Cool One!

Aww what a precious sweet little doggy 

To adorable 🥰 

This is how I feel when my pal comes up behind me 😂 

this is a good gif 

crystalwarrior , I totaly agree and will try to find the remake also

Easily one of the best Dracula films ever made, as the cast read the book together before filming, and developed their characters directly from how they were written/depicted in the book. They made a re-make soon after, using different actors, but that film went straight to DVD and disappeared almost immediately.

Funny and yes thank goodness its over😛

Delicately Beautiful

A Pressie For Me 😺

So Sweet🙂

Sweet eyes


Thank You for your beautiful Images and Gifs..

This is so me all the time LOL

Beautiful, Looks like a starlight from an old movie from the 1930's.

Love it!

Hi,Your Gifs. are just Beautiful Thank You!

A fluttering delight