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I love this gif 😃

Poor little thing 😟


Love it!

Oh MAN this is awesome 😃

Lol this is a pretty neat little anime. There's at least part of me that wants to be a mad scientist like this guy 😃

Oh yeah. My mother-in-law makes AMAZING grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmm.

Munch munch munch 😃

Love the perspective 😃

Silly sterotypes are fun 😃  

I'm a big fan of gifs that destroy brains 😃 lol

Testing again. Looks like gif comments are improved.


Such an epic correction!

I love the style of moving comics 🙂

Why not Zoidberg?

I love this little guy 😃

Love this one!

I LOVE Dragon Ball Z. I can't believe I've watched every episode.

Love it!