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3d CGI Digital Animation - Blender Cycles - 60FPS Abstract Glass Tunnels by Dr-Pen

Created By: Dr-Pen

Additional Info from Dr-Pen:

A short animation created in Blender Cycles featuring a fly through in a tunnel surrounded by colorful tiles of various colors and materials. Part of a series of experimental series on my "new" workstation/gaming pc. Shoutout to Green PC Gamers for their guides on turning one of Dell's Precision Tower workstations into a cost-effective gaming/3d workstation rig & to Tech YES City for his idea to use the specific CPU. Green PC Gamers: Tech YES City: Computer specs Dell Precision Tower T5810 Intel Xeon e5-2699 V3 NVIDIA EVGA GTX 1660ti at 6gb 32GB of DDR4 ECC RAM 1tb SSD More of my works in the link below:

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