Gif Abyss Abstract Psychedelic Trippy Space

3d Fractal Space animation - 30FPS by Dr-Pen

Created By: Dr-Pen

Additional Info from Dr-Pen:

Rendered in Mandelbulb 3d using the _FoldingTetra3d and SierpHilbert formulas, for those experienced with the software. The images were then compiled in Blender 3d, with the last half being a reverse playback of the same images. Originally meant to be run at 24 FPS so it might be a little too fast for some viewers.

The software can be downloaded for free at:

For those interested in seeing my still images and other works, here's my deviantart page.

Mostly mandalas, abstracts, and other such works:

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Starfield Animation - Large Download - 3d Fractal Animation by Dr-Pen
Abstract - Fractal